White T-Shirt & Blue Jeans Forever

White t-shirt is as classic as Chanel jacket or Converse sneakers. It's simple, casual and everyone has one, so time to take it out to the daylight. There will be never enough of white t-shirts in your closet. Everyone's worn it at least once in their lives. Kendall Jenner wears it all the time, and, boy, does she know what's up. Here's some inspiration for you to go buy yourself a new white t-shirt.

The classic blue jeans & white t-shirt look will never go out of style. Maybe it's time to rediscover it.

Shorts & white t-shirt for hot summer days.

The classic and casual black & white look.

There's no skirt that wouldn't look good with white t-shirt.

Long leg and playful dungarees looks inspirations right here.

Haven't picked a perfect white t-shirt yet? We picked some for you. Time to go casual in white.

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