What to Wear to a Graduation for Ladies and Gentlemen

Dressing for your graduation calls for great attention to detail. The occasion is a celebration of your achievement in school and therefore, you need to be at your best. Most students face challenges trying to look for the best clothes to wear for the occasion.

If you are the graduating student, you might have spent the last three years dressing up in pants, sweat shirts, denim, and hoodies. These are comfortable and easy outfits for any student. However, a graduation calls for a change in the casual outfits that dominated your college days. Below are some ideas on what to wear to a graduation.

Academic Attire

The familiar cap and gown are the standard dress for most institutions. Students are expected to be in the regalia during the ceremony. Most institutions have arrangements where the students can hire or buy the gown and cap. If you are looking to get the academic attire on the cheap, second-hand gowns can be your option. Some online stores like Graduation Source, Cap and Gown, Graduate Affairs and American Cap and Gown offer great deals on graduation attire.

Graduation Attire for Ladies

Ladies can go for a formal dress that comes in a nice color. If dresses are not your favorite, you can go for nice pants or a skirt that you can top off with a great blouse. Ensure that your shoes are comfortable too because you might be spending a lot more time standing and walking. Shoes with very long heels should be avoided.

Great Graduation Attire Ideas for Gents

The graduating gentleman can look classy in a nice suit that comes in homely colors like blue and gray. Add a tie and comfortable shoes to this look, and you will step out in elegance. Ensure that the colors blend well.

Ideas for the Graduation Guests

Guests who attend the graduation can look suave and chic during the ceremony. Men can opt for collared shirts and nice pants.

Ladies can look elegant in casual dress, pants, topped off with a stylish top.

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