The Best Shoe Color to Match With Suits During Summer for Men

Are you the man who wants to look suave and elegant? A nice suit says a lot about a man. It shows power and class. A suit shows that a man has a hold over his life. The year 2016 has brought fresh ideas on how men cab dress in suits. Use these useful tips and know how to match the right shoe color with your suit during summer.

Brown Shoes

Brown formal shoes matched with a suit give you classic look. When you want to wear brown shoes, go for navy blue or cream-colored suits. Light grey suits also blend well with brown formal shoes. For light grey suits, ensure that the shoes are light brown. Soft beige suits also blend excellently with brown shoes. Try this pairing and be the stylish man.

Burgundy Shoes

If you are the man who wants a little bit of color for your outfits, try burgundy. The best suits that blend well with burgundy shoes are dark and light grey and navy blue suits. Try burgundy formal shoes that have a lace detail for the best results.

Black Shoes

Black is a color that matches with almost any outfit. During summer, you can go for nice black formal shoes to pair with your suit. Starting with the standard black suit, pair it with black formal shoes. This look is very popular with men. Add a nice tie and be ready to go to the office or attend any event with confidence.

Dark and light grey suits blend well with black formal shoes any time. If you like to move away from the standard black suits, you can choose a grey suit and the result will be amazing. Grey matches well with black, so you don't have to worry of color clashing.

White Shoes

If you are the daring man, try white formal shoes with a beige or cream suit. This summer look is elegant and very fashionable.

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