The best heart rate monitors to buy

Whether you take part in rigorous exercising or just take a walk to work, a heart rate monitor is an important device to have. When you want to know if something is wrong with your body, all you have to do is listen to your heart and you have your answer.

Technology has seen to it that there are many different types of heart rate monitors that you can purchase. They are very use to use and very affordable. Always keep track of your heart rate and BPM very easily so that you can stay ahead of any health issues.

Chest wrap heart rate monitors

This kind of heart rate monitor works by being wrapped around your chest and it monitors your heart rate and beat changes when you are working out, jogging or even just walking. These devices will be able to store hours of data on your heart rate which helps collect patterns and easily detect changes in the normal functioning of your heart.

These devices are very easy to use and connect to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth. They are able to upload all the data they have collected over time. This helps you be able to keep track of your daily heart rate.

Watch heart rate monitor

Besides chest wraps, there are specially designed watches that are fitted with a heart rate monitor. They are Bluetooth enabled to upload your heart rate data to your devices. These are very useful when running or bike riding.

This kind of heart rate monitors have a built in GPS that is easy to follow. They are easy to wear and use because you don't even notice you have them. For people who exercise often, they know that there is an ideal heart rate zone that is not very hard to get to when you have a heart rate monitor and can study your hearts readings

Fitness trackers

Built just like a watch and are worn on the wrist but this are not watches, they are fitness bands or bracelets that are fitted with a heart rate monitor. Some brands do not have GPS tracking but others have it. It is important that when buying, you consider all the types and features so you have a great heart rate monitor.

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