Swimwear: How to Steal The Spotlight Under The Sun

There's two type of woman: The one who cannot wait to wear embrace her bikini body on the beach in her trendiest swimwear, and the other one who hates this season because she's not ready to embrace her body in those tiny garments.

So… we want to help ladies, and we collected some chic swimsuit for every body type and skin color.

Athletic body type

You are skinny and tall and your body type is more masculin than feminine. You should wear printed bodysuits and bikinis, and strapless bikini tops are literally made for this body type!

Here's some pieces we recommend:

Wider hips

Avoid wearing printed and light colored bikini bottoms and too tiny ones. Why? If you're having wider hips but small breast and narrow shoulders, you have to optimize the difference. Good news: you can wear printed and light coloured tops, and one pieces with two different colors also looking good on your body type.

Fuller bust

If you are a woman with bigger boobs, you need extra holding forget the strapless bikini tops and invest to some balconette type or bras with wider straps. You can also wear sexy triangle bikinis too!

The hourglass

Lucky girl! Hourglass shape is considered the ideal body type by many women and men. The bust and the hips are usually the same size, and the waist is skinny. With this figure there are slim and curvy ladies too. Embrace your hips in high-waisted bottoms and invest to some sexy cut-out onepiece.

Tummy situation

Keep calm we've all got little pooch! To smooth out the belly wear retro cut swimwear, but color blocked, and striped pieces works too.


Best colors by skin type:

Pale skin:

You can wear black, red, royal blue, pink…always wear bold colors, these matches with your skin tone and avoid pastels.

Medium skin:

Invest to some light coloured swimsuits like grey, turquoise, cosmetic pink and you can wear white too, avoid too much brown and nude.

Olive skin:

Your skin type is perfectly matches with earth colors, like nude, browns, olive and burgundy and you also looking hot in pastels.

Dark skin:

You should wear bold colors like women with pale skin, however white bikinis are the best accordint to your tone.

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