Natural Foods and Amazing Tips To Increase the Growth of your Hair

If you want your hair to grow longer and healthier, we have the best ideas on how to do just that. Many ladies desire long hair that falls beyond the shoulders. Long hair is an absolute attraction. With long hair, you can style it the way you want to achieve amazing results. Long natural hair also gives you more confidence. Use the following foods and ideas to grow your hair faster.


Eggs have proteins that are useful in making the hair grow faster and longer. The minerals contained in eggs like zinc and iodine have a very positive impact on your hair. Make an egg mask at home using egg whites, honey and olive oil. Mix them well and apply the mixture on your scalp and hair. Take about 25 minutes applying the mixture. After some time, rinse off using water and some shampoo.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk has some very useful oils and essential minerals that help to boost the growth of your hair. Many people have been using coconut milk for a very long time because the remedy works very well. Obtain fresh coconut milk from a fresh coconut. Add some drops of lemon juice and apply this mixture generously on your scalp.

Green Tea

Green tea has antioxidants that can make your hair grow faster and longer. Don't throw away used green tea bags. Use the tea from these used tea bags and apply it on your scalp and hair. Leave it for about an hour and then wash it off using warm water and some shampoo.


Onion juice is a very useful remedy that can increase the length of your hair naturally. Onions are readily available in almost all homes. People have been using this remedy because it is cheap and it works. Apply onion juice on your scalp and let it stand for some time. Later, wash it off with some shampoo. Repeat the procedure for best results.

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