Mistakes to Avoid When Washing the Face with Face Wash for Healthy Skin

Your face is one of your greatest assets. This is the reason why you should take great care of it. Many people make mistakes when washing the face using face wash. You don't notice the effects immediately, but later is when the effects become visible on your skin. When you wash your face next, avoid these mistakes.

Dirty Hands

Some people go right into washing the face without washing the hands first. Your hands carry a lot of bacteria that you can easily pass on to your face. Clean your hands first before cleaning your face.

The Wrong Face Wash

There are many face washing products being sold everywhere. You need to know your skin type. If you have sensitive skin, you need to get face wash products that will be gentle on your skin. Some ingredients in face wash products just irritate the skin. Be in the know and go for a product that is natural and soothing.

Very Hot Water

Some people think that hot water is best for exfoliating the skin. However, hot water could be damaging to your skin more than you know. The skin tends to dry and the oils that protect the skin might be washed away. If you use face wash with such water, you risk damaging your skin. The best water to use is lukewarm water.

Going Overboard on Exfoliation

You don't need to over exfoliate. Some strong exfoliants might not work well on your skin especially when you overdo it. Just exfoliate when you have to.

Use the Towel Well

After you cleanse your face, you need to dry it off well. Don't rub the towel against your face. The best way is to pat your face in a gentle manner. Also, ensure that your towel is soft because coarse fabric irritates the skin.

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