How to Pick The Right Shoes For Your Suit?

You know the feeling when you see a man with a perfect suit, great shoes, nice Ray-Bans, you both know he can conquer the world. The power of suit is insane. You can deny it as much as you can (so do I most of the time), but when you see a man in a suit, you feel the power, and that smell of whiskey after work just clicks. Now imagine you see that man in clearly wrong shoes, or are you that man?

Snippet:Do you hesitate what shoes to wear with your perfect suit? We're obsessed with one particular trend right now - grey suit brown shoes pairing. It's great for warmer days, because it doesn't soak up that much sun.

Grey Suit Brown Shoes

It's a very common pairing among men right now. Grey suit and brown shoes is like whiskey and ice - you need to have both. Pair dark grey suit with black or burgundy shoes, and light grey suit with black, light brown or burgundy shoes.

You can't go wrong with these pairings. Be the man that everyone is talking about, learn from the best ones. We picked our favorite grey suit brown shoes pairings right here.

Other Pairings

Black suit works the best with black shoes. Pair navy suit with black, brown or burgundy shoes, and brown suit with brown shoes.

End note

The suit game might be tricky, but don't give up, everyone can do it, and once you're in the game, no one will ever forget your name.

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