How to Match Your Skin Tone with Your Hair Using the Hair Color Chart

In the world of beauty, one of the best things that were ever introduced is the hair color chart. Women don't have to struggle any more trying to match their hair with their skin tone. As a woman, you need to know your skin tone, and the right hair color that goes with the skin tone. Try some of the colors in this chart to get the best ideas.

Medium Champagne

This is one of the colors on the chart. This hair color works best for skin that has rosy or pink undertones. If you want to style your hair in the medium champagne color, you can use makeup that has some slight pink hue for best results.

Cool Brown

Thos is a cool color that works best for ladies with a cool skin tone. Tanned skin also works well with cool brown.

Chocolate Brown

This is another hue of brown on the chart. Chocolate brown hair suits ladies with an olive skin tone. If you have medium skin, this hair color will also work well for you.


Medium and dark skinned ladies can rock this hair color with confidence. The rich color contrasts well with the darker skin tone making the lady look glamorous.

Light Auburn

Light auburn hair is passionate and energetic. This hair best fits ladies who have a fair skin tone. If you want to style your hair in this color, it can be a bonus point for you if your eyes have a light color.

Jet Black

Jet black hair is classy and elegant. Many ladies use this color because it is timeless and elegant. Jet black hair works best for ladies with darker skin tones. This is because the darker colors complement each other well.

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