How to eat fat while getting thin everyday

Dr. Mark Hyman, the author of the book eat fat get thin has taken time to explore how the human works and explains in detail how and why the fat that we eat is the key to weight loss in our bodies. He has been able to help thousands of people who were struggling with their weight.

Eat fat get thin helps people be able to lead happier and healthier lives without having to cut off their fats and starch intake. His insights will help you be able to enjoy a fulfilling and healthy diet that does not have you depressed by your weight and health issues.

How to eat fat and get thin

The key to weight loss and enjoying a better diet is to change the kind of fats that you take. Cutting off your fat intake is not the answer because fats are not usually the problem. The problem that you need to be addressing is the quality of fats that you use.

The world has painted fats as the bad guy and the cause of all weight problems and health issues. Fats are not the problem, when you completely stop taking fats, then you do not maintain a balanced diet in your body. Break away from all the myths and misconstrues about fats and you will find yourself a much more healthy and happy person. Improve on the quality of fats that you take.

Quality fats

When people hear of quality fats, they are confused because due to the world spread fat phobia, people cannot tell the good fats from the low quality fats. High quality fats that your body really needs include eggs, nuts, oils and avocados. This foods are rich in the best kind of fat for your body.

The book by Dr. Hyman has opened many people's eyes and it is has details on how to eat healthier. There are recommended recipes that you can try for your whole family. The books also lays out techniques that are easy to follow in order to lose weight without having to cut off fats from your life.

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