Handy Tips on How to Contour Your Face

Have you been wondering about how best to achieve the face contour that you have desired? Worry no more. We have the best face contouring techniques that you can use to achieve the best results. All face shapes can be contoured using simple steps that we will give you. Continue reading.



Prepare Well

Start by preparing your skin well. Cleanse it and use a moisturizer. This will help to clear any makeup that was previously on the skin.



Use Foundation

Foundation helps to smoothen the skin. Apply foundation on your face so that the skin complexion can become even and smooth. This ensures that the contouring makeup works well on your face.



Know Your Face

When you decide to contour your face, it is important that you know the type of face that you have. This is because different face types need different contouring techniques. Round faces are contoured differently from rectangular faces.



Face Mapping

Use a darker foundation to map your face. The darker shade foundation will help to map areas that you need to contour. Apply the dark shade on areas that you want to enhance. For example, apply it on the cheekbones to bring them out, or on the hairline to create an illusion of a smaller forehead.




Dab the foundation gently using a sponge. The best technique is by dabs that are short and quick. Do this until the lines become visible. Take care not to wipe off the contouring makeup. Be gentle while patting the face.



The Dusting Part

After you have completely patted the face, use some powder and a loose brush on your face. Dust the face using short and gentle strokes for the best results. You can also add some blush on the cheeks for a complete look. After doing this, you will be ready to step out feeling confident.

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