Great Style Tips and Deals on Tops for Ladies with Big Busts

Women who have bigger busts know how challenging it can be getting the right top. They are simply a cup above the rest. If you fall into this category, you understand the challenge fully well.

You might be shopping for a top that does not exactly accentuate your bust to avoid too much unwarranted attention. You might also be looking for a top that makes you feel comfortable when you walk around.

We have the best tips on how ladies with big busts can match great tops to have an elegant look and still feel comfortable.

Size Matters

Shirts that have extra length are ideal for ladies with big busts. This is because the extra length will work well to hold all things in place and also because there is more body space to cover. A longer top helps to give the impression of a slimmer waist, and this adds balance to your body.

However, it is important to avoid baggy shirts and tops, all in a bid to cover big boobs. Baggy tops just make you look bigger.

The Neckline

Women with big busts should go for V-neck tops. The V-neck works well to flatter a big bust, and this helps to draw less attention to your chest. Plunge necklines and low-cut square work well too. Just ensure that your top doesn't show too much cleavage.

Sleeves If your arms are toned, then you can wear sleeveless tops. If this is not the case, just go for tops with full or three-quarter sleeves. This works best for ladies with big busts.


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