Great Ideas on What to Wear to a Wedding to Make the Event Lively

Now that the wedding season is here, you probably don't know what to wear. Weddings are important life occasions that let us enjoy life in a nice way. Friends and family are all invited to this great event. There is a big splash of colors and the fashion sense from the guests is something to look out for. If you have been invited to a wedding, you need to be at your best. You need to look the part and be glamorous.

We have compiled the best tips for you so that you can look stunning during the wedding.

Ditch White

Yes, you heard that. For any wedding, the age-old rule is that you avoid white at all costs. This is because you might upstage the bride when you wear white. Leave white to the bride and the entourage.

Read the Wedding Invitation

Some wedding invitations come with dress codes. If the dress code has been specified, then you had better stick to it, if you plan on attending the wedding. Color crashing will obviously give you too much attention, which should be reserved for the bride.

The Shoes

During the wedding, you will probably spend a considerable amount of time standing. Therefore, you need to get the most comfortable shoes that won't feel like burdens on your feet. High heels especially, should be avoided.

Accessorize with a Bag

Ladies can complete the wedding look by carrying a small bag such as a clutch bag or a purse. You might need it to keep a few small things. However, avoid bulky bags at all costs. If you adorn jewelry, go for subdued pieces.

Avoid Casuals

Casual outfits don't work well for weddings. You cannot come dressed in shorts and flip flops. Get nice formal outfits that reflect the occasion

Light Makeup

Don't overdo on the makeup. Just get light makeup that will be appropriate for the time of the occasion.


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