Great Ideas on How to stop Your Shoes From Squeaking

Everyone gets irritated by squeaky shoes. You can imagine walking down the street with shoes that are makings some funny noises. Everyone is turning around to see what is happening, this can be embarrassing. There are various reasons for the squeaking of your shoes. Your shoes might be moist inside, for instance. However, you should not experience more embarrassment from squeaky shoes any more. We have great tips that you can use to eliminate this problem. Continue reading and free yourself from this irritation.

Mend the Shoe

The squeaking sound may be as a result of a loose part of the shoe, like the sole or upper part. When one part of the shoe is loosely attached to the shoe, the movement might cause some sound. You can take care of this by repairing the shoe using adhesive or glue that is suitable for leather.

Use Talcum Powder

The squeaking sound may be caused by the friction of the insoles with the bottom of the shoe. Take the insoles out and sprinkle some talcum powder on the bottom of the shoe and the bottom part of the insoles. This will help to reduce any moisture inside the shoes and thus the friction. Alternatively, you can use paper towels. The squeaking sound will be eliminated.

Wear Socks

Most people who don't wear socks complain of squeaking shoes. Moisture is generated inside your shoes when you don't wear socks. This moisture increases the friction between your feet and the insole. Try wearing a clean pair of socks next time you put on your shoes.

Seek Professional Help

Some people complain that the shoes continue squeaking even after trying numerous tricks. You repair the shoe, apply talcum powder and the noise persists. In this case, seeking the assistance of a shoe professional will be the best solution.

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