Getting Tips on How to Stretch Jeans that will perfectly fit your waist

Denim lovers have the experience of wearing jeans that got a little tight. It could be the waist or in the thigh area. Tight jeans are an absolute discomfort. They give you difficulty while walking and they make life unbearable.

It could be that you have outgrown your jeans or that the fabric has shrunk. All the same, we are here to give you the best tips on how you can stretch your jeans.

The Pulling Technique

You can stretch your jeans using the pulling technique. Just like the name of the technique suggests, you have to pull the jeans. Start by targeting the area that you want to stretch like the waist or legs. Measure that part so that you can know whether the technique worked. Spray warm water over the area. Place the jeans on the floor and step on it. Pull the jeans towards you to stretch it. Wear the jeans to feel if the technique has worked.

The Soaking Technique

This technique is similar to the pulling technique because it involves pulling the jeans. Soak the jeans in warm water. Pull them out of the water and pull at the strategic areas that you want them stretched. Repeat the process for best results. This technique works well to loosen the fibers and make the jeans fit better.

Avoid the Dryer

Next time you wash your jeans, don't put them in the dryer. Instead, air-dry them in the open. The dryer can make the jeans be stiff.

Use a Hot Iron

A hot iron will work well to loosen the fibers of your jeans. Press the iron on your jeans for some time then wear the jeans while it is still warm. This will ensure that it molds around your body to give you more comfort.


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