Excellent Ideas on How To Keep White Shoes White

White shoes are absolutely gorgeous on your feet. The only problem comes when you have to clean them and maintain them white as they are. White shoes are prone to spots and stains that make them appear dull and dirty. Whether they are sneakers or leather shoes, we have the best ideas that you can use to keep them white at all times. Use the tricks below on your white shoes for best results.

Use soft Cloth to Wipe off Mud from White Leather Shoes

The best way to clean white leather shoes is by using a soft cloth. You can also use a solution of soap and water, and gently clean the shoes using the cloth. Air dry the shoes and then apply polish or cream for white shoes. Buff till they glow.

Use More Soap on White Sneakers

White sneakers that have a cloth material are best cleaned using a generous amount of soap. Rub off any dirt on the surface then apply soap generously. Clean the outer surface using a soft cloth and warm water. This will help to keep the white sneakers white.

Ditch the Washing Machine

Washing machines will just damage your white shoes. The best way to clean your white shoes is by doing it yourself, using your hands.

Use a Delicate Brush on White Shoes

A strong brush that has very tough bristles will damage your shoes. Go for more delicate brushes that have softer but firm bristles. This way, your white shoes will stay white for a longer period of time.

Don't Forget the Laces

White laces on white shoes should be kept clean and white, just like the shoes. If you notice any dirt on the laces, carefully remove them and clean them using mild soap and water. Don't put them back until they are completely dry. Wet laces are prone to picking up more dirt as you walk.

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