Easy Ways on How To Measure Your Shoe Size At Home

Many people still don't know the right shoe size. It is important that you know the size of your foot so that you know the right shoe size. When you know this, you will have an easier time when you go out shopping for shoes. Sometimes, the various sizes confuse people. However, you can easily measure your shoes size by having the measurements of your feet. It is an easy exercise that will last a few minutes. Try these steps.

Take a Piece of Paper

Get a piece of paper, like an A4 size. Place it on a flat platform. You can use the floor if you don't have an elevated platform.

Place Your Foot

Step on the piece of paper so that it doesn't move in any way. It is important that you step firmly on the paper to avoid any movement. If the paper moves, you may end up getting the wrong measurements of your feet and consequently, the wrong shoe size. It is always advisable to measure your foot later in the day after you have walked for some time. You may also trace the outline while wearing socks or barefoot.

Draw Your Foot's Outline

Use a pencil or pen that has enough ink to draw an outline that you can see well. The outline of your foot should be drawn all the way round. In the event that you feel that you might not draw the outline well, you may request another person to do this for you. Ensure that you hold the pen or pencil perpendicular to the paper and not at an angle.

Measure the Outline

Take a ruler and measure the outline that you have drawn using a ruler. Measure the length from the biggest toe to the heel carefully. Note the measurements. Measure the widest part of the foot to get the width of your foot. Note the measurements.

Compare Measurements

Take the measurements and compare them using a size chart that you can readily get from the internet. This way, you will know your shoe size.

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