Best Ways to Use the Self Tanner for Amazing Results

Self tanners are the best solution to achieving a great tan on your body. Many people like that summer glow that shows that you have been getting the best summer moments. You will have to consider your skin type. Some skin tones tan faster than others. Learn the best ways to use a self tanner for the best results.

Prepare Well

When you are applying a self tanner, you will be working with the whole body. Ensure that you have taken care of the manicure, pedicure or hair before you turn to the self tanner. If you have to get rid of excess hair, get it done and be ready. Talk of starting on a clean slate.

Clean and Exfoliate

Before applying the self tanner, you need to ensure that your skin is cleansed well. Exfoliating the skin is important so that the self tanner can achieve a smooth layer that looks unblemished. If there are any dark patches on the skin, the tan will sink and leave patches that are dark and unsightly. Ensure that your skin is washed and exfoliated thoroughly before applying the self tanner.


After you clean the skin and dry it, you will have to use a little moisturizer. This will prepare your skin to receive the self tanner well. You can do this especially for dark spots like ankles and elbows.

Apply In Bits

Start with sections of the body, like the hands or neck. This helps you to distribute the self tanner evenly and smoothly. Take care of the joints because the self tanner gets more absorbed at these places.


After you apply the self tanner, you need to give your skin time to dry. If you will be going out, it is best to dress in clothing that will not stick to your body.

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