Best Dress Colors for Girls with Dark Skin

Some dark skinned girls experience challenges looking for the best dress colors. While some colors go well with other women who have a lighter shade, ladies who have a darker skin might have to look for the best colors that go with their skin color. Since the world has not run out of color, it means that there is something for everyone.

Dark skinned girls need not worry anymore. We are here to bring you the best ideas on how the dark skinned girl can rock the best fashion trends in colors that they feel comfortable in.

Orange and Yellow

For the dark skinned girl, orange or yellow are a good choice. These are warm colors that contrast well with your dark skin. Warm colors will add a glow to your skin to enhance your features well. The trick here is not to go for very bright colors because the contrast will be too much and your features will be subdued.


Many people believed that people with a fair complexion are the only ones who could go for red outfits. Well, the tide has changed. Dark skin girls look sassy and bold in red. Girls can dress in red evening wear and step out with confidence.

Brown and Blue

These are cool colors, and they go well for dark skinned girls, any day. Ensure that the outfit that has a blue or brown color contrasts well with your skin. You can also decide to go for accessories that come in cool colors like brown and blue.


A purple dress will give a dark skinned girl a sophisticated and elegant look at all times. Purple has the added advantage of hiding any flaws. Get a purple dress and look stunning.


Beige creates a nice contrast with dark skin. A beige dress will be any dark skinned girl's choice for any day.


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