Amazing Hair Cut Styles for Men Over 50 Years Old

A man who is above 50 has seen it all. He is a confident and mature man who has experienced everything. Such a man might want to lie back a little and enjoy the fullness of life without much disturbance. A great hair cut for the man over 50 will go a long way into ensuring that he completes his look. If you fall into this category, you will like some of the great hair cut styles that we have compiled for you. Take a look.



The Long Layers Style

This works best for men who have long hair. The hairdresser can just trim the sides a little. You can tuck the long hair behind the ears for a youthful look. If you have long grey hair, you can use shampoo for best results.



The Buzzcut

Men over 50 years who want to keep things simple and short can try this great hair cut style. The hair on the sides is trimmed using a lower gauge than the hair on top of the head. You can even do this hair style at home. The advantage is that the buzzcut has low maintenance.



The Textured Style

If you want to sport your hair a little longer and unruly, this is the best style to try. Tell the hairdresser to cut the hair in short layers evenly. The hairdresser will then use a styling gel to style the hair so that you can achieve the look.



The Wavy Shag

This style is best for the man who has a full head. This look will add some youthfulness and radiance to your look. The hairdresser will cut the hair in long loose layers. Styling is done using styling gel and the fingers.



Short Crop

This is a great hairstyle for men who feel that their hair has started to thin at the top. The hairdresser cuts the hair longer at the top and trims it a bit at the sides.

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