Bodyweight Workouts to Do At Home

Lockdown will not stop you from maintaining your fitness, though we cannot go to gyms as we used to. However, online workout is a rising popular thing and Zoom enables us to have a workout meeting with your friends--online gym special. There is no limit to the workouts that you can do at home, and some of the best of them are given here. Almost every muscle can be trained by simple exercises, such as glutes, bridges for your butt, push-ups for the chest, and squats for your quads. Look into these and figure out which one is suitable for you!

5-Minute Plank Workout

The 5-Minute plank workout, a compilation of 5 variants of planks which is a brilliant workout or your core. These variants are Plank Up-Down, Plank Jack, Plank to Downward Dog Tap, Forearm Plank Rock, and Forearm Side Plank Twist. Perform this routine twice, and it will tone your shoulder, legs, and butt. Plank poses a challenge to your body and helps you overcome your limits.

Lower-Body Workout

This workout routine is different from the usual leg workout. It includes Duck Walk to stand, Runner's Lunge to Balance, Mountain Climber, Corkscrew, Runner's Lunge to Balance, and Toe Touch Crunch. The routine helps you with your endurance, agility, strengthening your core, and burning extra calories. Alter the rest time between exercises to make it harder and more challenging as you get comfortable.

20-Minute HIIT Workout

Most of the HIIT workout consists of exercises that include jumping. Such exercises are suitable for most people, but if you have weaker joints and are looking for exercises that will be kinder on joints, you need to warm up carefully and try this session that consist of SideKicks, Skater Hop, Crab Toe Touch, Frogger, and Crusty Lounge, this workout requires you to perform each exercise for about four minutes, including rest.

8-Minute Abs Workout

Everyone loves well-shaped abs, but you might wonder how you can accomplish it without any gym equipment. Toning your abdominal muscles can be very tough, and that is why we have a routine that will be just 8-minutes. This exercise comes up with an 8 minutes Abs workout that includes Dead bug, Forearm Plank Rock, Plank Up-Down, Lateral Plank Walk, Bird Dog Crunch. Perform each move for about 30 seconds and repeat 3-4 rounds daily. You will have rock hard abs burning under your skin soon enough.

4-Move workout for your butt

Of course, having gym equipment is great for a toned butt, but that does not mean you can not have toned glutes at home. This workout comes up with a 4-move workout for the butt. It includes 30 seconds of Frog Bridges, Side Plank Clams, Bird Dog Crunches, and Straight Leg Fire Hydrants on each side. Keep up with this routine, and you will have toned gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus.


Bodyweight workouts can help you to challenge yourself and boost your mobility and add stability to your body. The best part is the risk of injury is pretty low, and you do not have to wash yourself down. Given above are some of the exercises to maintain your fitness while you can even build your muscles.

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