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If, for you, the word "best" gadget means superior in all respects, excluding price, then this article is for you. Flagships differ from simple smartphones much more than they might seem at first glance. These differences do not lie on the surface. It would help if you were more or less well versed in technology to appreciate the advantages of the flagship. Each user will search for specific parameters in the phone. Someone seeks a gaming flagship phone that allows you to have fun in your free time. For some, the critical factor is the ability to work without recharging. Some are obsessed with trying out new technologies, such as the recently introduced 5G smartphones.

In this article, you will read about the features of the new models of 2021 recognized as the best in various ratings.

How to choose the best smartphones?

Choosing a smartphone can take a long time. We recommend choosing based on the tasks that you plan to perform with it. You need to decide on the technical parameters, which screen is better or which functions to pay attention to; is it worth betting on individual brands? Here are the essential parameters you should take into account.


Operating system

The main advantage of Android is that hundreds of models work under its control. You can find many stylish flagships with top filling. All iOS smartphones represent the premium segment. For wealthy buyers, a limited choice only simplifies the purchase.
The advantages of Android can also include greater freedom and flexibility of customization compared to iOS. However, this advantage is conditional: an ordinary user often needs a convenient system out of the box without pre-settings.
At the same time, all iPhones receive regular system updates for several years after release, promptly fixing software problems and constantly adding new features.


The most common variations of screen diagonals are 5.5-6.8 inches, and are convenient to hold in your hand. Their dimensions allow you to put the phone in your jacket pocket or purse. Such a screen area is enough for reading long texts, working with programs, and using applications.

Main camera

Some phones can shoot with a resolution of 40 MP or more, but the pictures will not be as juicy as, for example, a phone with a camera resolution of 12 MP. The fact is that four main components determine the quality of the photo at once: the optics unit, matrix, processor and optical stabilization module.
Flagship models, as a rule, have at least two cameras and an improved matrix, processor, and optical stabilization module. Such smartphones allow you to take pictures that are practically not inferior in quality to images obtained with the help of SLR cameras.

Battery capacity

The battery capacity affects the duration of the smartphone. The bigger the screen, the more apps you use, the faster the battery drains, respectively. It is unlikely that you will be delighted with all the advanced features of the new phone if you cannot use them because of the frequent shutdown of the phone. Thus, when choosing a smartphone, pay special attention to the battery capacity.

Additional functions

Manufacturers pamper customers and offer many additional options that simplify and sometimes complicate the operation of a smartphone.
Unlocking the phone by fingerprint and face recognition will not surprise anyone anymore. But powerful protection from dust and moisture is a significant advantage. All flagship phones have such properties now.

Best 10 smartphones to buy now

Choosing the best smartphone depends on your individual preferences and requirements. Below you will find the best smartphones of 2021.

1. iPhone 13 Pro Max

In September 2021, Apple announced the release of the iPhone 13 Collection. iPhone 13 Pro Max is the same size as iPhone 12 Pro Max though it got a little thicker and gained weight. It is received with better cameras, screens with 120 Hz support, new processors, and increased battery life. You can find a 1 TB drive only in the Apple device, which will be a practical option for some. Cameras give excellent pictures even in the darkness, trembling hands, and moving objects.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

The gadget is equipped with a massive amount of RAM (12 GB) and is one of the most powerful processors of the 2021 Exynos 2100. The model has an excellent 6.8-inch screen with support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a high resolution of 3200x1440 pixels and IP68 water protection Four cameras with a primary lens of 108 MP can shoot video in 8K and supports 100x Space Zoom due to a system of two telephoto lenses with different optical zoom.

3. iPhone 13

If you look at the screen for a long time, you will notice a reduced cutout in its upper part. This change gave 20% of the usable area for icons and notifications in the upper-status bar. The conversational speaker has become narrower and more inconspicuous. The mesh on it will collect less dust. The iPhone 13 has optical stabilization with matrix shift so that the videos are as smooth as possible, even in the most trembling hands. The screen of the iPhone 13 is still juicy, with rich colors and a good supply of brightness.

4. iPhone 13 mini

The screen of the novelty is slightly smaller than the iPhone 11. The 13 mini has support for MagSafe accessories allows you to charge the device faster by magnetizing a charger to a particular zone on the back surface and more reliably, without fear that it will slide off it. On the other hand, it lies very comfortably just due to its size. Mainly it will appeal to girls with small hands and those who are used to the size of the iPhone 7/8.

5. Google Pixel 5a

The smartphone received an excellent camera, excellent autonomy, and a convenient, well-designed, and thoughtful interface of "pure" Android. The Pixel 5a 5G has a superb brightness margin, and at the minimum level of illumination, you can read books at night or watch videos – your eyes do not get tired. Always On mode is supported with convenient notifications on the lock screen in standby mode. In addition, the smartphone can play HDR content and watch colorful videos on YouTube. Expect great photos from Pixel series phones? The phone does not let you down and produces high-quality pictures in any conditions. The camera is fast, high-quality soft processing: accurate color matching, great detail, sharpness.

6. OnePlus 9 Pro

OnePlus 9 Pro has a beautiful screen, decent design with current trends, fast Wi-Fi, high-quality cameras, and efficient battery operation. The main distinguishing feature of the new smartphones is the Hasselblad cameras. Hasselblad engineers have brought new algorithms for working with complex colors and more accurate color reproduction to the OnePlus 9 Pro camera. The device consumes electricity very sparingly. You can charge your smartphone by 90% in half an hour.

7. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G is the third attempt by Koreans to accustom the mass user to their smartphones with an unusual form factor of a folding tablet phone. The manufacturer strengthened the case, provided moisture protection and a unique under-screen camera. They also added the functionality of working with an electronic pen. The smartphone now supports 5G and uses the latest and top-end SoC.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (5G) is the most effective modification of the entire series of Korean tablet phones. Externally, the phone looks very unusual thanks to the protruding camera unit. It is the first smartphone to use the latest type of Gorilla Glass screen. Compared to the previous generation, the glass has twice the protection against scratches and falls. There is support for gestures, one-handed operation, split-screen, and a side multifunctional Edge panel. The face unlock function works even in complete darkness. There are no significant changes in working with the pen.

9. Google Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4a has a nice matte texture, thanks to which it does not slip in your hands. Google Pixel 4a received a 5.81-inch OLED display with Full HD+ resolution, which looks great. The color balance here is very realistic. Many valuable features are exclusive to the Pixel line: the new Google voice assistant, Call Screening service, Now Playing song search, Google Recorder, and Google Camera.

10. iPhone SE

The smartphone case is identical to the iPhone 6s. It inherited the hardware characteristics from the iPhone 11. SE works much faster than the iPhone X in the interface. It copes much better with any, even the most productive games. The disadvantage of a small screen is especially noticeable when reading articles through a browser and when typing. If you've always dreamed of a compact smartphone, the iPhone SE is for you.


Remember that specifications are not everything. It is vital to ensure the reliability and safety of the system, support for artificial intelligence, additional functions, and technologies. Sometimes the comfort and satisfaction of the phone may not match your expectations. Therefore, before buying, you should read reviews and reviews from other users.

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