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Fashion blogs are at an all-time high nowadays. Every girl either dreams of being a blogger, influencer, travel blogger, Instagram Diva or a makeup artist. Following a fashion blog gives us a sense of style, inspiration, and knowledge about the beauty world. Once you start browsing the internet for your fashion inspiration, you’ll be lost in the world of glamour not knowing which trend to follow.

Blogs You Cannot Miss 

There is so much inspiration these days because of how easy social media has made it for everyone to post and be heard. Sometimes it can get really overwhelming for you. But worry not, we have compiled a list of the 12 best fashion blogs you should definitely be following!


Polina Podpletennaya is a Russian influencer. She is young, fun and drop-dead gorgeous. Cool colors is the main theme of her homepage. If you take some time to go through her blog, you will find interesting details in the pictures and discover how lovely she is!

Alexa Chung

Famous Vintage Fashion advocate plus a successful businesswoman can perfectly define Alexa Chung. She comes from British roots and takes inspiration from vintage fashion. Her designs and attire are highly inspired by Vintage Fashion and her shoe collection is pretty famous. She showcases her talent flawlessly giving all her 3.1 Million followers an astonishing fashion inspiration.

Gabi Fresh

Fashionable Blogger Gabbi Gregg aka Gabi Fresh is on a mission to revolutionize the clothing business as well as breaking all stereotypes. She is a plus-size gorgeous lady on a journey of self-love. She believes in inclusivity and conveys that women of all shapes and sizes can be involved in fashion through her fashion blog.

A Style Album

If you are looking for a thorough fashion and lifestyle blog, Style Album by Louise Redknapp and Emma Rose Thatcher should be your best choice. These British beauties love displaying all kinds of fashion from casual outfits to red carpet specials. The best fashion blog is not just limited to the outfits but their travel posts are also attractive. Come on and follow them.

We Wore What

Danielle Bernstein is a fierce businesswoman as well as an influencer, featured in Forbes 30 under 30 as well. She updates a whole outfit to give a specific guide of ‘we wore what’. Her casual and simple style can be a best reference for work clothes.

Lyn Slater

Lyn Slater, who likes to call herself Accidental Icon, is a vision of grace and eternal beauty. She is a professor by profession and loves to show her unique and classy style to the world. Her blogs are full of lively images which actually interpret the saying that “age is just a number”. You definitely need to check her out for daily fashion inspiration.

The Frugality

Alex Stedman lives in London and runs her blog. She is a fashionista, a wife and a mother to a beautiful toddler. Due to her intelligence and thoughtfulness, she was able to transform her London house into a breathtakingly cozy home. She really is a good teacher who imparts tips and tricks on how to spend on a budget. I mean who doesn’t like a good item for a fraction of a price?

Aimee Song

Aimee Song started her blog nearly a decade ago and turned her hobby into a full-time profitable project. She is the author of a bestseller, a fashion blogger and a businesswoman. She has over 5 Million followers from all over the world. Aimee has been featured in multiple magazines and there is never a dull moment in her life. Her fashion sense is classy yet glamorous. Following Aimee is sure to give you fashion and style ideas.

Lizzy Hadfield

Lizzy Hadfield is from London and features monthly trends in her Fashion Blog. She also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, look books, and fashion inspired videos.. Sometimes casual and elegant while always unique and impressive. Follow her for London’s latest trends and happenings.

Harper and Harley

Harper and Harley is run by Sara Crampton who is a new mommy. She has the sense of style of a diva. Her pregnancy look book gives every mother to be major goals on how to dress up. She made her pregnancy look so breathtakingly beautiful and smooth. She also runs a business, the Undone, where you can shop and look as elegant as Sara!

Phil Cohen

Phil Cohen likes to call himself the PacMan. His impeccable style and minimal representation are admirable in anyone’s eyes. He uses his platform to present his concept so distinctively. He uses the flat layout to display men's fashion wear. His pictures are perfect and so is his fashion sense! Scroll through his Instagram to find the perfect outfit with all the required accessories! He is an Art Director by day and content creator by night!

One Dapper Street

One Dapper Street is run by Marcel Floruss who hails from New York. He wanted to change how men’s fashion is viewed all over the world and, to be honest, he succeeded. His blog is one of the Best Fashion blogs. His work has shown how men can be elegant and exquisite.. He dresses to impress and inspire shows many men out there how to dress better. He got a feature in Forbes and walked the runway for Dolce&Gabbana.

Follow these awesome blogs

Overall each of these Fashion Bloggers have their own unique style to represent. They are not afraid to experiment with novel fashions and try their best to put out great content. I am sure you will get a lot of inspiration. Follow them to learn more about fashion and to construct your own sense of style!


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