7 Takeaways From Kendall Jenner’s Outfits

  • January 20, 2022

Kendall Jenner (Kendall), the darling of the fashion world. One can’t help staring at whatever Kendall is wearing. OOTD, is literally a virality wave started from celebs like her. Reaching more than 213 million followers on Instagram, it’s hard not to be noticed. Between what her fans want, what the brands want from her, and what subtle cues her outfit conveys, it is like jigsaw games to analyze any piece of clothing that Kendall puts on. From donning Alo Yoga to an evening gown by Chanel, the personality, tone, and message that she conveys are understood by the media, fans, and the fashion police.

With many choices, are there any Kendall’s outfits formulas that we can apply in life? Absolutely. We will explore and take a deeper look into what outfits caught our eyes and what inspirations you are able to draw from Kendall’s style, not just in style, but also in what it conveys. Extend new traits when you’re planning your own outfits.

Hard To Go Wrong With The Classic Black and White

The proper contrast of accents; Black and White match never goes wrong. There is a beauty of being more black-centric with white as the supporting color that adds the final touch. The clever white simple Tee gives Kendall the cool chic vibe and does not over-establish the dominance while showing her style without being over the top.

A Shade Of A Colour

We have different color choices, but there is much to learn when mixing colors? Take this simple but cool mix of shades that Kendall wore. This Balenciaga tie-dye sweatshirt provides a surprising harmonious impact to style with the khaki skirt. This mix adds a creative vibe while sharing similar tones and if it just stayed with one full color, that would be so common.

Formula of Accessories

Sometimes the right accessories lit the look. Kendall uses necklaces and sunglasses to make the top and skirt complete. The power of accessories can be the highlight in your layers and display the personality of truly you. From earrings, necklaces, rings and glasses, try your own mix and match to style a new you.

Sometimes A Bold Attempt

At some point, we will have the mood like “Go Bold or Go Home Look”. We definitely have enough reference to pull this off. We can learn a lot from her stunning wore at the Met Gala. She is always gutsy, and an absolute eye turner. Importantly, everyone remembers and talks about it in gushes of excitement. A bold attempt with glamourous confidence will always be the best fashion.

Wear On Your Confidence

Yes, being a supermodel still takes pressure to look a certain way. Since this industry has such a high standard, it is second to none that you need to always be confident about yourself. Kendall’s confidence exuded in viral proportions. Not only did it convey how comfortable she feels in her own skin, but it also showed how calm and at ease she felt, even among many other fashionable women at the party.

Set A Theme

Trendsetters typically lead a following of what we eventually know as a “theme”. If you find it tiring or stressful following or mimicking a particular style, you can set your own one. An interesting half and half look was seen when she showed up at a fashion event. Nobody expected this, and yet copycats were raving about this! Show what’s the real you by setting your own theme, you will get surprised by your inspirations!

A Sparkle When Normal

How to add that sparkle to the most normal day-to-day outfit? The effortless (actually it takes some effort to match properly to make it look effortless) is what she mixed a wee bit of athleisure with on-point style. This is where that smart add-on of matching accessories (color-wise) to the overall contrast in the outfit works. Try this out and sparkle on.

Closing Thoughts

Kendall’s style inspires a lot when trying to curate your own style. From the classic black and white to the active pairing of accessories that complete an entire look, there’s a lot to work with to set your own sparkling theme.

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