6 Best Teas for Increasing Metabolism, Burning Fat, And Weight Loss

A robust guide to increasing metabolism and losing weight through the best tea

Do you constantly feel lethargy owing to higher weight? It might be because your body is unable to metabolize everything you consume, which means that you need a catalyst that can fasten the process. Tea is one such beverage that has been known to increase metabolism and reduce the fat content in the body.

People also experience renewed energy levels with the help of tea. However, this beverage offers more than just a chance to unwind. Tea can be very rejuvenating as it may boost metabolism, and also caffeine can help to burn calories.

Therefore, consuming a cup may also aid in your efforts to lose weight and provide some potential health advantages (think: cancer and heart disease prevention).

Unfortunately, even the best tea to lose weight won't make you lose weight or burn belly fat overnight, but they can be a terrific supplement to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

So, how could tea help you to lose weight? The owner of Rooted Wellness, Sarah Rueven, RDN, CDN, adds that drinking tea is a fantastic way to remain hydrated. Even though you may only be thirsty, dehydration can make you crave sweets and other sugary foods.

How Can Tea Help You to Lose Weight?

The next intriguing question is, “how could tea helps you to lose weight.” Getting adequate fluids can also improve cell communication, motivating your body to work a little more and speed up your metabolism. Hence, it is recommended to drink tea to lose weight.

Additionally, since obtaining enough sleep can play a significant role in the process, herbal teas intended to promote sleep can also aid in weight loss.

If you prefer iced tea over hot tea, remember that both beverages have the same health benefits. Sasso-Karelitsky advises being cautious about what's in your cup if you like to order your cold refreshment outside.

According to her, companies like Starbucks are renowned for adding a lot of sweets and liquids to their iced teas. Therefore, always request unsweetened.

Best Tea to Lose Weight

Would you want to try teas? The top weight-loss teas, according to science, are listed below.

Green tea

Green tea is typically the topic of discussion regarding tea and weight loss, and with good reason.It is the best tea to lose weight.

This mild, bittersweet form of tea has the most evidence supporting its potential weight loss advantages of any tea.

For instance, a study of over 1,200 Taiwanese men and women discovered that individuals who regularly drank two cups of green tea every day for more than ten years had lower body fat percentages and smaller waists than those who did not.

In a modest previous laboratory trial, ten healthy males who took two green tea extract capsules three times in one day compared to a day when they received a placebo burnt an additional 63.5 to 200 calories in 24 hours.

Over time, these modest increases might aid in weight loss, but a larger study would be required to examine the long-term health risks vs. advantages.

According to studies, green tea's capacity to burn calories may result from the synergistic interactions between EGCG and caffeine. Studies have reported that caffeine must be present with EGCG to aid in weight loss because a stimulated nervous system is needed for optimal results, says Koszyk.

Oolong tea

The roots of Oolong tea can be traced back to China. Although the same plant is used to make both black and green teas, the leaves are prepared differently.

Oolong teas fall somewhere in between the black and green tea spectrum. Depending on how long the leaves were allowed to ferment, the tea's color darkens. Darker oolong teas have a more roasted flavor, whereas greener types typically have a richer, earthier flavor.

Oolong tea has a variety of antioxidants as a semi-oxidized tea, including those that are present in both green and black teas. Antioxidants are substances that shield our cells from harm brought on by aging, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors.

Due to its stimulation of fat burning and elevation of your metabolic rate, this caffeinated tea may aid in increasing your energy expenditure.

According to a review in Food Science and Human Wellness, it might help reduce body fat levels. Therefore, you can use Oolong tea as an aiding supplement in your weight-loss routine.

Puer tea

Puer tea is well-known for assisting your body's fat metabolism, which helps you burn fat and lose weight.

The caffeine in this tea causes your body to release specific hormones in charge of metabolizing fatty acids accumulated in fat cells. This might even benefit your liver since fat accumulation can be prevented or eliminated.

This permits your body to burn those fatty acids for energy instead of storing them as fat.

Besides aiding in weight loss and increasing metabolism, Puer tea is also known to have extracts that can eliminate cells of breast cancer, oral cancer, and colon cancer.

White tea

White tea has not received as much research attention as black and green tea, although there is some evidence that it may aid in weight loss. White tea is micro-fermented tea, produced in a very simple way, and its taste is actually much lighter than other teas.

A 2019 study found that white tea extract increases metabolism in mice, reducing fat buildup. However, further investigation is required to thoroughly substantiate this assertion and show whether it holds true for humans.

Some regular consumers of white tea also claim to have increased energy levels. Besides having a great taste, white tea also reduces the risk of heart disease and keeps your skin rejuvenated.

Matcha tea

Matcha was created and first manufactured in China during the Song dynasty and transported to Japan in 1191, and it is available in powder form.

According to a study published in the academic journal Foods, it has been established that because tea plants are grown in the shade, it has more antioxidants than other types of tea. It is regarded as the best green tea available today.

According to studies published in the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, drinking matcha one day and then 30 minutes before working out can speed up fat oxidation, or the rate at which your body burns fat. (



However, it should be noted that the study was tiny and that additional research is still required.)

Due to its high caffeine content, matcha should not be consumed in the evening.

Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea has its origins in South Africa. It is available in a red or green hue. Since Rooibos tea has no calories, it can be a good beverage choice for people who are aiming to lose weight or keep their weight in a healthy range.

Leptin levels may rise as a result of Rooibos tea, which may also help with weight management. A hormone called leptin works to control appetite and alerts the body when it has consumed enough calories.

Additionally, the tea promotes a faster rate of fat metabolism and inhibits the growth of new fat cells.

According to a review published in the journal Planta Medica, the Aspalathin in rooibos tea may improve fat and sugar metabolism.

Besides these, you can also expect your skin to glow with this tea. Moreover, Rooibos tea is also known to improve heart function. Overall, it can be very beneficial for your health.

Concluding Thoughts

Although many individuals only drink tea for its calming properties and delectable taste, each cup may also have several health advantages.

Tea could help decrease overall calorie intake and promote weight loss by taking the place of high-calorie beverages like juice or soda.

Studies on animals and in test tubes have also suggested that some teas may promote weight loss while preventing the development of fat cells. Studies on humans are nevertheless required to look at this further.

Many tea varieties include particularly high levels of healthy substances like flavones and catechins, which may also help with weight loss.

A cup or two of tea daily, a good diet, and regular exercise may help you accelerate weight loss and avoid unhealthy belly fat.

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