16 Best High School Graduation Gifts for Life in College

If you are going to or hosting a graduation party for a youngster who is about to step into the real world, you give him your blessings. However, along with your blessing, what they can use is a practical gift that they will need at college. Now, this can be a brainer what an 18-year-old will need considering that the world has changed a lot since you went to college. No worries, we have researched and found these 18 gifts that will be perfect for them.


Best Gifts

No worries, we chose these 16 graduation gifts to provide a range of ideas that'll help them celebrate this event. Aside from being the perfect way to splurge on their behalf, these gifts will help them navigate the brand new world of campus life.

1. AirTag

$ 29.00

If the grad is clumsy and tends to misplace his things, this is the best gift. It allows you to keep track of the things like phones, bags, keys, or wallets. It can be attached to the item, and you can track its location by the Finding My app.



2. COOSA Moon Essential Oil Diffuser

$ 32.99

Life on campus gets busy, and there is little time to maintain the room and keep it fresh. If your grad loves soothing scents, this beautiful oil diffuser will provide them the comfort they need in the new place. It has a unique planet appearance design.



3. Nike Air Force 1

$ 90.00

Having a comfortable yet stylish pair of sneakers is a blessing in college for rushing from one class to another. There's classic Air Force 1, originally designed for hoops, and the Nike Air cushioning adds lightweight which ensures all-day comfort. Plus, top list shoes for mix-matching.




$ 69.95

Who is not obsessed with music? It acts as therapy in the hectic college life. Give them this amazing portable speaker from JBL with rich sound quality. It is available with a carabiner, making it easy to carry and secure with your bag or table.



5. Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

$ 99.99

Coffee is what they need while they are chasing deadlines, and it becomes very easy and affordable when they can brew it in their room. It is compact and takes little space. It saves both money and time that can be put to better use.



6. Laundry Basket

$ 33.99

This is a practical gift that is going to be extremely useful. It is safe for those in dorms which are not hesitant to borrow stuff and then forget to return. A laundry basket helps to keep the room clutter-free.



7. Husband Pillow

$ 62.99

For the movie nights, you want them to be comfortable, so they do not strain their neck. Husband Pillow is stuffed with shredded memory foam and is apt to support the whole torso. It can be used anywhere, whether they like to lay on the floor or bed.



8. Weighted Blanket

$ 49.99

When the grads are leaving their home, it can be a scary experience for them. The Casper weighted blanket is made with high-quality quilting and is filled with microbeads to ensure maximum comfort. The huggable design and airflow allow better sleep.



9. Thermal Bottle

$ 45.00

Old-school meets state-of-the-art with this smart thermal bottle. QuadVac™ insulation gives your drinks four layers of hot/cold protection. The material is very high quality. The sporty design and colors make it perfect to be carried to class, gym, or a trip. It can keep your drinks cold for about 24 hours.



10. Apple MacBook Air

$ 949.99

Ask any grad if there is something they would want more for their graduation gift than an Apple gadget. The New M1 chip ensures powerful processing and great performance. It is lightweight, looks fantastic, and gives a premium feel.



11. Lululemon Modular Phone Crossbody

$ 58.00

This little backpack has an adjustable strap and is made out of water-resistant fabric to protect your precious stuff from rain. The funky colors look extravagant. Additionally, it has a smaller bag for the earbuds, and a larger bag can be detached to use on its own.



12. SONY Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones

$ 349.99

If your grad is an introvert and does not like to socialize, these headphones will help him block out his roommate when he wants some alone time. If your grad is a music enthusiast, taking it into the shopping bag is the ultimate gift idea. And, these headphones have active noise canceling features that will help them to focus and meditate.



13. Brooklinen Sheet Set

$ 135.00

A college room can be a cold and lonely place. In that condition, these soft sheets will provide them with comfort. Also, these are highly durable, so they would not have to be worried about them wearing out.


14. Smart Portable Projector

$ 699.99

This projector is the perfect gift for a freshman at college as a TV is much costly and an asset and takes more space than they have in a dorm room. This projector can project a display that measures up to 120 inches in size and has a built-in 10W Dolby Audio DTS HD speaker, which dishes out crisp sounds without any distortion, providing for a theatre-like experience.



15. Herschel Retreat Backpack

$ 89.99

This is a versatile backpack and is suitable to be taken to classes as well as at the workplace or for a weekend trip. This design isis a streamlined rendition of a timeless mountaineering style, featuring a drawcord cinch closure and a strap detailed top flap. It is dirt-resistant and can be cleaned very easily.



16. Amazon Gift Card

from $ 25.00

And as we mentioned, when all else fails, consider cash, which a lot of students said they would really like. They wouldn’t turn down the gift cards, and yes, they can buy what they like with it, the simplest while most practical idea!


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